Installing An Operating System

Installting Operating System ABET Computers

Installing An Operating System

An operating system is the software the runs your entire PC or MAC. You will need an operating system for a computer to have functionality, so it can communicate with your computers hardware and software that you wish to use when on it. If you ever want/need to replace the hard drive to a new solid state drive, or if you just want a fresh start to your computer. Installation of an operating system will need to happen in order to get your computer back in working condition. Regardless of the reason, installing a new operating system will rejuvenate your system.

Operating System Install Service

  • Backup Data to external system
  • Install operating system
  • Install all updates and hardware drivers
  • Configure for optimal performance
  • Test for proper functionality
  • Install Virus/Malware protection
  • Move data back to machine

Operating System Reinstall* $59.99 Exclusions Apply


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