Do you need to reinstall your operating system?, Have you ever been told by a friend or relative after telling them you were having a computer problem, that said; Oh!! its easy to reinstall using the windows disk or similar. And after you do you notice all of your files and settings have been completely erased.

A reinstall should be handled by a professional repair tech. The reason for this, is because operating systems can be very sensitive, and if you do one thing wrong, you can end up erasing your data beyond recovery.

Here at ABET Computers we provide full backup and reinstall of your personal data which include, Pictures, Videos, Music, Documents, Downloads, License Keys for software re-installation, even your favorites/bookmarks from your favorite web browser.

A reinstall is NOT always the best and easiest or cheapest answer. Come into ABET Computers for a System Diagnostics to determine your best procedure to get your computer back up and running again.