One of the most common complaint when it comes to desktop computers is, “It just won’t power on.”, this is usually a power supply failure. The power supply located in every desktop computer is constantly converting your household alternating current into direct current power. Computers don’t run on AC power, they run on DC power, and that means the power supply is working at 100% every minute the computer is on. So given that most computers are on around 8hrs a day you can see why computer power supplies tend to go out quite often. But please let it be known that even though it is a common issue does not mean its the root cause. Here at ABET Computers we will always do a full system diagnostics to determine exactly what is needed to get you up and running again.

  • Diagnose the computer to determine the problem.
  • Provide you with a price quote for parts and labor.
  • Disconnect all power supply wires from motherboard and drives
  • Remove the bad power supply
  • Install the new power supply, reconnect all cables and verify