There are many malicious programs out there that have been written to do all types of nasty things to your computer or to the programs installed on it. Unless your PC is never connected to the Internet, or any files loaded into it or opened – then there’s a fair chance that your computer is at risk of being infected, and may even already be infected.

We’re not trying to scare you from using your computer, but we believe that armed with the right information, you can use your computer safely without being infected by these harmful types of software

A virus is a piece of software code capable of replicating itself and spreading to other computers.
Quite often the term virus is used to describe all malicious software on a computer, but this is not quite true, as only a true virus can spread from one PC to another, the others generally only affect the PC on which they are on. (Only 12% of computers are affected by true viruses these days)

Malware is the true generic term for all program code written to do harm or unwanted actions – it is short for Malicious Software..
(80% of computers are affected by malware these days)

Types of Malicious Software

Abet Computers Virus/Malware Removal Procedure

1. Isolate the drive

2. Boot From External Device

3. Remove Temporary Files

4. Run Scans

5. Return Drive & Repeat Scans

6. Test The System

7. Dig Deeper On Remaining Infections If Necessary

If you are the victim of a virus or malware infestation, 99% of the time, it is NOT required to reinstall Windows or MacOS. If you speak to someone who ‘repairs computers’, and they state that they need to format your drive and reinstall the operating system, Then ensure that your data is backed up first. Else you WILL lose it.

Here at Abet Computers we provide professional & affordable virus/malware removal with no hourly rates. Viruses and malware are a challenge for any computer user but fortunately, At Abet Computers virus/malware removal is a breeze , and we’re here to get you back up and running in no time.

Viruses and malware cause slow performance and pop-ups, viruses and malware are an everyday issue for many computer users. Some spyware may simply cause pop-up adverts to appear constantly but others may be more harmful to either your computer, your data or more importantly your wallet!.

Abet Computers is experienced in virus/malware removal and here to help take the stress away from any virus infection.

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